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Also held on , and we n the terminology management system, which launch in Lithuanian this year. We continue to do our usual terminology work on the project, providing terminology to the European Central Bank and running a network of experts providing terminology advice to translators in the EU. Not only that, but we also did a very interesting study on the implantation and use of computer terminology among the general public. Ú Invit to speak to translators and terminologists at the European.

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Commission in March for a project providing Pakistan Email List Irish terminology to EU translators, as well as her own research on terminology planning. Ú also participat in the European Terminology Association conferences in Croatia in October and Stockholm in September. There are a lot of subject terms between cam in working with EU terminology and terms like íó. This year’s term will likely be nam one of: OR. ú focuses on the publication of material from major collections. Material volumes (pages) were publish during the year. ú The transcription of material in English from the school’s collection was complet, a considerable achievement.

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With a new batch of photos releas in Killarney, it’s great to show the subject again to the public. We’ve publish a few blog posts relat to the Decoding Hidden BS Leads Heritage Project: An article by Tiernan Gaffney about finding old stories in Duchasú and an article by Monica Marion about her working on different versions of old stories A phylogenetic analysis of the South East Galway dialects in the main collection and one on the digitization work itself. Over the summer we spent a lot of time on a relat project: folklore collect by the islanders. We creat a ú subsite and help women entrepreneurs contribute nearly a thousand photos and audio clips to the community.

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