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Available photos her with carri out between. Public records are available and records have been transcrib. Segments vary widely in length, with short ones lasting just a few minutes while others last around an hour. There is a timeless richness to be found in all of these recordings, and it is a joy to listen to them. The audio database is available here. í á On the occasion of Teresa’s first communion. (from left) á á . (Center left) Maggie Theresa Bre Michael. (front row from left) Á.

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The new website is the result of months of Norway Email List collective effort, but it builds on years of work by progressive women in fostering and maintaining community spirit. So when the site officially launches in Á on Women’s Day this September, it’s a great thing to celebrate and commemorate this partnership. All of the staff here are delight that we were involv in digitizing this collection and making it available to the community and life in general. ú Staff Events ú Below is a small view of some of the things the research team will be working on in the new year.

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We are delight that funding for the project BS Leads has been approv for a number of years and this year we will be launching a major street name check and transfer project in partnership with branches and councils. We intend to hold a workshop on the Corpus class before the end of the year, this will be announc in due course. Partial monitoring corpora and (provisional) frequency lists will also be releas. From a technical perspective, we intend to hold a hackathon later this year to bring together Irish language software developers to work with Irish language data. More information will be provid later.

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