All Trauma Is Valid And No

Sometimes I can go weeksmonths without clear memories of the past events. Other times they are so clear that I can’t breathe. With DID patients, the mind is compartmentalis and these compartments are the alters in the system. Each alter is responsible for memories and experiences. Some hold the traumas that the host . Person mainly in control of the body), can not live with day to day. As you can imagine trauma isn’t a pleasant thing to talk about and can be impossible to talk about if you don’t even have the memories.

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When trauma or triggers are mention during Uganda Phone Number List conversation, flashbacks and dissociation may follow. This isn’t good for anyone as the sufferer is put in an awful situation of remembering traumatic events. the one asking about trauma isn’t getting answers anyway and all trust could be lost. It could be a question that you think you want to know but really it just complicates things. If you ask someone about their trauma then you are putting so much pressure on them that they may not be able to handle it. Forcing memories to re-surface, possibly causing a panic attack or other mental health reaction, making the person doubt how valid they are.

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You risk possibly destroying your relationship BS Leads with that person. If you really ne to know what that person is going through, study to become a psychologist for year and get the correct qualifications. If you are asking to try and help that person then just show them that you care and are there for them instead of making them relive bad experiences. In summary, DO NOT ask people about their trauma. Nothing good will come from that situation but a lot of damage can be done. I don’t talk about my trauma because it is hard to think.

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