A Very Deadly Seeming One

Of tranquillity for the troubles that take their toll. On the body, the mind, the spirit as well, for peace is there to be found. And the key to this may be within if we listen to the sound. The sound of silence, of stillnes; and in that see the beauty, to understand our own nature, rather than what is our duty. I’m starting to feel a gentle respect, for.my ne to withdraw yet also connect, And then to release: with myself as start and then open my heart from a place of fulfilment and peace. For the ways of the world will always be there, they can’t and they won’t ever cease.

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To quiet the mind takes patience; and practice is Tunisia Phone Number List ne as well. But I really can see the gifts it can bring, something that no one can sell. Maybe a path to inner peace and happiness in life, but may be something simpler, something less contriv. To quiet the mind is a gift to myself, however I try to achieve. I can and I will feel calmer and still, I only ne to believe. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available Like so many, life in my head is not straight forward and the recovery and healing process will be on going.

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Creative expression comes in many forms BS Leads and for me it has been a powerful part of my ever evolving journey to better mental health. Above all I would advise to follow what feels natural for you; drawing, painting, blogging, journaling, dancing, singing, making, creating, whatever it is.find what connects with you and go from there. With all best thoughts and wishes JDBy Annongirl Panic attacks, my breath a tragic victim to the abundant anxiety that dominat my whole being.

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