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Instead of semantics, use the authority of the entire domain. Below are some of them. Links to pages in TOP Ahrefs has been for a long time not a single tool but a collection of tools. One of them is the great Keywords Explorer, which for a given query gives the bulk of information bas on a huge amount of information from the main crawler . It is given e.g. the forecast number of links from different domains ne to reach TOP in the query, which results from the average number of addresses on the first page of search results. For typical mium-competitive queries, it gives quite accurate approximations, but with advanc queries it starts to get los.

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According to Ahrefs, a dozen or so links are enough China Email List to reach TOP in “praca warszawa”, and links in “nyc jobs”. Mistake? No, it’s just an approximation showing the actual link profiles of the subpages occupying the TOP. For example, TOP addresses in “praca warszawa” have links from , and domains, respectively: What’s more, there are no strong links from the proverbial home page of Onet – these subpages have receiv links from individual subpages of academic career offices, several forums and possibly local portals. Clearly, the links coming to these specific addresses did not determine their high position, but they are in TOP thanks to the presence in very strong domains.

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The reply to the quora

There are more explicit examples, such BS Leads as TOP in “praca warszawa” without any links to the address present in the results: Interestingly, this contradicts the statements of the authors of the Ahrefs tool, who suggest: Ahrefs experiments have shown that the authority of a single address (URL rating) is much more correlat with the positions than the authority of the entire domain. Sourc ahrefs . Unfortunately, the details of the experiments in question are missing.

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