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On another subpage and in , but unfortunately no specific data. While there should be no arguments from authority in such discussions, it would be fair to assume that the folks behind Ahrefs have count it more accurately and with a larger sample, so they might know better. It would have been possible had it not been for further independent observations. Tests The following test is very simple and very specific. Within a moderately strong domain, we plac a completely unrelat subpage, optimiz for a made-up test phrase.

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The subpage was not link either from the Croatia Email List outside or in any way internally. It hangs in the void! We us the Submit tool to index it , wait a month and:or externally, but present in a moderately strong domain, overtook multiple externally link addresses on weaker domains, with identical optimization. As you can see, the Google search engine uses the authority of the domain to determine the order of search results on a daily basis. A word of explanation and for people who want to replicate the test (we encourage you to test it on your domains.

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This is a typical effective method of offsite BS Leads testing: creating a test phrase with no results or with a minimum number of foreign results -> identical optimization of test domains for the phrase (title + H + repetitions in the content of the same length and quality) which will allow you to exclude onsite factors -> observation of the order of search results over a longer period of time. In the given test, some domains are typical intercept, others are link by us, and others are cleancontrol group without links. The test setup also requires an appropriate number of domains (as you can see above, the length of the results was – there were about twice as many domains), and it is also worth.

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