Why Wasnt I Stronger

Early to make sure I had time to apply it. And oh my the colours, makes me cringe a little inside just thinking about the colours I’d plaster on my face. Luckily I was always able to blend my foundation so it didn’t look like i’d been tango. I had creme eye shadow in an array of visually blinding colours, my favourite being metallic gold with a thick black line of eyeliner, oh dear. The reason for doing it however was much more subtle. When wearing it I almost felt like a different person. Confident, bold and in some respects, beautiful. I never want to be beautiful to be honest.

It might sound strange

I just want to blend in with all the other girls Bulgaria Phone Number List and have the confidence to get through the day. Wearing make-up always made me feel like the broken little girl underneath became invisible. Such a small change had over the years continu to snowball. As a consequence I was finding it harder to be myself and until recently I had forgot completely who I really am. Even when I start my career nursing I would make a joke about being the only nurse wearing a full face of make-up.

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I hat my feelings and personalit

Behind the joke was me getting up at . am so I had time to preform all my rituals, including hair and make-up. To be honest i’d say I actually BS Leads left ‘me’ in front of the mirror as the woman that would drive to work was no longer me. So why do we wear the mask? Just to be confident? To be beautiful? To be popular? Well to first answer that question, I have to point out that in my case the make-up was only a small part of the mask. The mask is usually metaphorical. Now I can’t speak for everyone, but my reason was to hide me.

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