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Their workplace. unearth from the septic tank of the hospital where I work. Our hospital industry does not spare the doctor’s work force. They will squeeze their marrow out in the name of work, paying very little after that. There is no job security for doctors having mental health issues. They can kick you out of the job any time. And that is what happen to me on several occasions. Even the psychiatrists do not have the accountability to ensure that I do not lose my work. Because work is a very important factor in anybody’s life.

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If you are depriv of that, then it can only Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List compound your pre-existing mental health issues. But these psychiatrists, they just sit leisurely inside their ivory tower OPD’s and prescribe toxins, coffins and railway platform tickets. Is this the way to practice psychiatry? Do their toxic drugs fix the employment issues of the patient? They don’t. The employment issue requires a different set of executive skills on the the part of the psychiatrist which they are not exercising. In India there are job reservations for people with psychiatric illness in their respective fields.

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Such jobs are being hack into by the “normal” guys. Is it a crime for a doctor to get depressive illness? It’s not his fault. Because of the high level BS Leads of stress associat with the long and tortuous learning curve to become a doctor and the high demands and expectations plac upon you, one day makes you depress. So just because I’m a doctor, it does not automatically imply that I won’t fall sick at all for the above mention reasons. The treatment that I got was also very shoddy, which happen when I voluntarily enter a rehabilitation ceA diagnosis, or label – whatever you want to call it – I have it.

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