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Times than I can count I have had friends come and go, have attend multiple schools, gain a total of disorders, overcome fears, and found happiness in simple things. I still have awful days where I feel that the world is judging me and I can’t leave the house because I’m that scar, but those bad days are only a minority out of my whole life and I have realis that recovery isn’t linear. There will always be bad days for me, but I am greater than my insecurities. Having a few support people, good distractions, finding a passion, and being proud of everything I do, are just a few things that have help me along the way.

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I know that I am not alone and just know Brazil WhatsApp Number List that you are also not alone. Listen and accept the voice telling you that you are worthless and stupid because they are exactly the things that you are greater than. Fighting this inner battle is hard and just for that we are strong warriors. I still go to therapy regularly and take anti-depressants. These things do not make me weak. I am strong and can survive anything that life throws at me. You can too. Jen xx Thanks for reading and I am not a professional) Reproduc with permission, originally post here diaryofapsychoblog.

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Wixsite I us to work as a mical doctor BS Leads and, like many doctors, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I was very compliant with my mications and consultations. But our hospital industry does not recognize the nes of people having mental health issues, even if they are doctors and belonging to the birds-of-same feather class. Mental-health-in-the-workplace-pin – The suicide rate and substance abuse among doctors is obviously very high due to the high stress level they face in their workplace. The suicide rate and substance abuse among doctors is obviously.

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