My Mication Has Chang More

People Trauma. I have two trauma disorders that where more resent diagnosis’s, yet before knowing this I was experiencing trauma relat anxiety. There was a specific event that happen in th grade that I don’t wish to disclose and this event (though tiny compar to other things I have experienc), was effecting my life. School avoidance became all I thought about. Ways to fake illness, complaints of bullying (to the extreme), panic attacks before school that got way too out of hand. Yes I was sick sometimes and yes I was getting bulli and yes I was having panic attacks; but I us these things as excuses to avoid school for days at a time.

I was diagnos with

I would miss weeks at a time and this made Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List going back even harder. This was too hard for me to deal with and I felt useless for not being able to just go to school like everyone else. In therapy I would talk about how school made me feel. I got diagnos with depression. My anxiety was taking over and I couldn’t do anything to fight it. I went through talk therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy and exposure therapy. I would go through rapid sarges of improvement and then fall even lower than before. More therapy, new therapists and first lot of anti-depressants.

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It was and still is overwhelming

I thought I would never get better and ne to BS Leads rely on ms to be stable. I was on fluoxetine for about years and it was a bumpy ride with getting doses right and I had a few negative side effects. Eventually I began to feel better. Panic attacks got less as I learnt mindful techniques, breathing exercises, positive thinking patterns and accept the disorder for what it was. The more I learnt about myself the more.

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