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In addition, employees who lack digital savvy may refuse to adapt to company-wide initiatives. When they feel frustratd or confusd, they resort to programs they are more familiar with instead. In doing so, they are unaware that they are using shadow IT. For this reason, it is important to accompany any new application or device with a solid training program. Furthermore, the technically less experiencd employees should also be kept in mind.

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The approval procdures are too long Today, the business world is faster than ever. It seems that the company can no longer keep up phone number list with the software. Because just the moment your company has upgradd to the latest technology, an even more innovative technology takes its place. In this context, there are companies that are too slow to adapt. Furthermore, they cannot equip their employees with the necessary tools to keep up with the rest of the industry. This is how shadow IT can occur when employees ask for a new technology, but their request is lost in corporate bureaucracy.

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The approval process may also take too long. Employees eventually tire of waiting, so they feel compelld to improve their workflows without BS Leads approval. Customers and external partners use incompatible technologies So far, there’s a reason certain industries tend to use the same applications and operating systems. For example, when interacting with customers and external partners. Employees nd to be able to share files and work together just as seamlessly as they would with a colleague within the company.

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