The Second Response Was

Stomach and dread- it was backor so spent frustrat and angry. With myself for feeling this way, I did the next right thing. You can help yourself by telling others I told three people about my anxiety. The power of vulnerability should never be underestimat. Healing begins with vulnerability. Or should I say, healing is impossible without vulnerability. Iding how you really feel, and pretending to be doing better than you are, leaves the anxiety beast free to whisper all sorts of rubbish to you about how weak and disappointing you are, about your lack of discipline and strength.

She was not telling me

Telling someone the truth almost always Philippines Phone Number List shuts down this stream of abuse. In this instance when I could feel the terror rising in my throat I did the most basic of things: I text three friends. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it probably went something like this: “Feeling anxious today.  Didn’t ne to give them chapter and verse on why I felt anxious, I just ne to let them know. I ne to know I was not alone. And as soon as I had typ those words, I wasn’t alone. Writing the text was a reminder to myself that I was still accept and my imperfect mental health did not disqualify me.

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Simply pointing me to something

All three of my friends respond, and they BS Leads all repli with something different. The first response I receiv offer practical help and truth My friend acknowlg that life is stressful and told me not to beat myself up for recognising that. She reassur me that my present anxiety would not undermine future relaxation or peace. Later, she also text me this graphic reminding me to take a few moments to slow down and focus on my breathing breathing exercise.

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