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Don’t prioritize your own self-care. It’s like trying to give from an empty cup. There are a few drops left, but not much extra to give. . . And that’s what Courage to Caregivers is all about. . . We offer programs for caregivers and opportunities for people to volunteer. Does that sound like you? If it does, then email me at Kristi Courage To Caregivers. It is going to come directly to me – and let’s see how I can support you or how you can get involv. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal AvailableReproduc with permission, originally post here.

Be the ones who struggle

Couragetocaregivers g UNIT STATES iam in Egypt Phone Number List mental health daily tracker and journal UNIT KINGDOM iam in mental health daily tracker and journal Share this: Click to share on Twitter oading Relat the s word The ‘S’ Word In “Kelly Horner” Open Letter to My Facebook Friends In “Authors” Dangling Fruit In “Authors” ‘Life sometimes give you a second chance.’ – Maya Angelou A-second-chance-pin – Looking back at the months leading up to my attempt, there were already some r flags. I became increasingly detach and snappy towards people around me.

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Plenty of people who deal

On Sunday January , , I sat on my couch BS Leads watching TV and suddenly the darkest moment in my life kick in. I was in auto-pilot at that point and felt like I had no control of my actions, feelings and emotions. My suicide attempt wasn’t under my control, it was the level of my mental health where the illness took over. The goal was to end my life, which it didn’t as I woke up on Monday January , which is why I am able to write this story.The reason for me to share this story isn’t for people to feel sorry for me and my situation. It’s to help raise awareness that the happiest people may.

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