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Victims know or have some form of a relationship with their abuser. Shockingly, the McGill Journal of Micine states that the lifetime prevalence of PTSD for women who have been sexually assault is percent. The ACE Study of Adverse Childhood Experience ranks childhood trauma as an epidemic and the single greatest threat to mental and physical health that we know of to date. Survivors of childhood trauma have a markly increas risk of autoimmune disease, chronic illness, degenerative disease, and cancer. As well as a -year shorter life expectancy than those with an ACE score of zero.

Reveal a functional disconnect

Its the evidence that is frightening, not Austria WhatsApp Number List the condition! What are the facts about DID? The prevalence of DID is consider to be rare, affecting one to two percent of the population. That is million people worldwide, that we know of. And given the stigma, even in the mental health community, it is probably much more common because of its high correlation with PTSD. Many have yet to be diagnos. Others have been misdiagnos as Borderline, Bipolar, or even just moody, forgetful, or even malingering. One ne not look any further than the internet to find debates, even in psychiatry, as to its validity.

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Perhaps it’s been easier for us as a society BS Leads to blame victims and accuse them of making up stories, than it is to comprehend the magnitude and number of perpetrators of these heinous crimes. And that is a dangerous method, given that percent of people suffering from DID will attempt suicide. My doctor regularly reminds me that there are people in the world who still believe the earth is flat, and that believing it does not make it so. Dissociative disorders are a DSM diagnosis, as real as any other properly diagnos mical condition. And for those who want tangible evidence, the science is validating.

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