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Functional MRIs of the brain, between the amygdala for fight, flight, and freeze) and cortex, necessary for advanc cognition. And according to Dr. Blair West, EEGs of the brain have shown distinct differences in the brain waves between identities. Most recently, Jeni Haynes, a scholar from Australia serves as evidence. Jeni was diagnos with DID after years of severe, unimaginable sexual abuse. She made history recently by testifying in criminal court against her father in her alternate identities, specifically three of the , personas, nam SymphonyMuscles and Little Ricky.

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Her father is awaiting sentence. Despite her Bahamas WhatsApp Number List brilliance and years of university ucation, she lives in poverty on a disability pension because of her abuser’s depravity. It is only by the grace of Haynes’ “ minute Australia” interview, that I found the courage to write this today. Until now, only two other people know of my dissociative disorder, besides the physician who made the diagnosis. Why is it so important to understand DID? The answer is simple. It is the one mental health disorder, where we know the exact cause and effect. It is the one condition that holds the potential to be prevent and even eradicat.

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How By facing the deep discomfort of acknowlging the prevalence of childhood trauma—specifically sexual abuse. This means changing BS Leads the entire “village” of people who raise our children. It means our doctors—specifically piatricians—using ACE as a screening tool for childhood trauma. And it means ucating our teachers, and every parent, to be able to spot the signs of abuse in our children. It means dispelling rape myths and a complete overhaul of our justice system. From investigating officers to the highest judges in our nation. This means changing our language and terminology of sex crimes to reflect, what they are truly about. Which is not sex, but rather pratory, deviant perpetrators.

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