She Is A Former Psych Nurse

Only to be re-victimiz by that person, too to realize she had been sexually abus. Constitut her consent. She is a pathetic excuse of a woman, fill with shame and self-loathing. Kat is an enabler. She is a rescuer. She’s codependent, using the love of her abusers for validation. Stephanie, a teenager, is an old soul with the spirit of eternal youth. She practises dance routines with her nieces on Sunday afternoons after church. But by Monday, she is plagu by panic attacks so severe she doesn’t attend school. A boyfriend professes his love for her with flowers and gifts and pet names such as baby and btch and cnt.

Shes fill with ragetoward hersell

He leaves bruises on her arms and burns her Australia WhatsApp Number List inner thighs with his lit cigarette. When he finds her hiding in the laundry basket, he leaves her there with a bust lip and a black eye. She tells her sister he would never hurt her. He loves her. She fell. Tina is years old. She was sexually assault one night after taking a ride home from a trust friend. She was drunk. Tina blames herself. Others blame her, too. Decades later Tina now has a severe phobia of driving, and she has never been drunk or trust a man since. She is the guardian and protector of secrets Rachel is years old.

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Christina is years old

She is what one may call a “strong BS Leads woman.” Sh’s spent the last years advocating for women, children, the broken, and the marginaliz. She is hyper-vigilant and always in control of her surroundings. She’s taken self-defense and kickboxing an practices them daily in the mirror. One night, while out with the girls, a man appears outside her washroom stall. She’s frozen and cannot move or speak. He rapes her. Eighteen years of therapy, and she still cannot see his face.

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