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Pichai for about the company’s crisis and the ne to improve in many fields. In the last twelve months alone: The big press headlines have shown catastrophic errors in the top search results and quick-response boxes, where popular searches include fake US presidential election results and even pages explaining that the Holocaust never happen. We wrote about it here . Many advertisers have discover that their ads are display alongside terrorist or graphic content, leading some giants such as AT&T to completely withdraw from advertising on Google products. If that wasn’t enough, the European Union fin Google a record € . billion for unfair monopoly practices.

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The manifesto of one of the company’s employees, who stat that women are “bad for business”, was also loud. Its author was fir, but there was no shortage of loud voices Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List suggesting the resignation of the CEO of the corporation, who is not in control of the crisis. Eventually, numerous articles began to appear in popular magazines, where columnists began to pay attention to the monopolistic, clos policy of the giant and the dangers resulting from it. Some have even propos regulations to curb this – even in the aforemention Bloomberg . In addition to words, actions follow, as there are already several cases against Google.

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What’s more, on November , representatives BS Leads of Google await a hearing in the US Congress on Russian political ads on YouTube and AdWords. In light of these events, hiring Danny Sullivan here seems to be a clear attempt to turn at least some of the negative PR on the positive side. Greater transparency is not necessarily to benefit positioners (even despite employing one of them, it is hard to believe that the policy will change so much), but above all to the public opinion, whose main argument is to completely hide the mechanisms governing the search engine.

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