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By the way, of course,can benefit. Not only Danny Sullivan An interesting attempt to break the ice took place earlier this year, when Maile Ohye prepar an . -minute video advising how to choose an SEO company. The video was view only , times and receiv comments – by the standards of modern YouTube, especially with such a huge reach as Google has, this is quite a low result. It can be suspect that it was an attempt to test the reaction to a slight warming of communication. Some companies and SEO portals, of course, describ this material in detail, but nevertheless, on a wider and long-term scale, the film went unnotic.

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The one time action in itself chang practically Chad Email List nothing, and it could be conclud that more regular and deeper actions were ne. Therefore, apart from Danny Sullivan himself, only in the last month there was a very interesting proposal to sign direct contracts with large news portals regarding search engine traffic ( more ), and a huge public emphasis on new technologies to make life easier for everyone: AI is radically changing how computing works We’re really excit about this change and that’s why we’re here today. We’ve been working on software and hardware simultaneously because that’s the best way to advance computing.

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Source Giving, among others an example BS Leads of using a calendar that detects by itself that it should remind you to visit the doctor. Although it seems quite far from Google search, it is worth remembering that still % of Alphabet’s revenues are search engine relat activities and certainly all kinds of new technologies (whether call AI or machine learning) are implement as a priority on flagship product. Google is clearly trying to reverse the recently popular rhetoric of harmful search results by talking about making life easier thanks to new technologies.

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