The bag should not be more than two thirds

Children’s shoes should be soft and comfortable and made of natural materials. Therefore, Children going to school should wear shoes or sneakers that bend easily, during which they will enable straight walking. The shoes should have anatomical appendages that will keep the sole straight to prevent the appearance of flat soles. Children in the nursery, in the environment where they spend the day, should wear slippers which are also soft, easily distorted, with an anatomical attachment and enable straight movement. Start the day with stretching exercises As a rule, the day should start with ten minutes of physical activity, consisting of stretching exercises.

Anatomical attachment to shoes

Physiologists recommend taking a break and moving for about ten minutes after every school hour, while after every four school hours. One hour Italy WhatsApp Number Data of organized physical activity. This activity schedule must be applied to every school day. “in the period of growth and development. It is necessary to carry out exercises for pulling and strengthening the muscles of the back and extremities. Exercises that will promote the right movement of the body. Specialized exercises are also performed which directly affect the back muscles for straight movement of the spine. As well as adequate exercises which stimulate the creation of the arch of the foot and directly affect the prevention of flat feet”, says .

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Start the day with stretching exercises

At the school desk, sit at an angle of 90 degrees.  School benches and chairs must be of the right proportion and be at an adequate height for each age. While sitting, the back should rest on the support and form an angle of 90 degrees with the part to sit. Therefore, The distance from the surface of the bank to the head during reading and Vietnam WhatsApp Number List writing should be one or school. Parents are faced with the dilemma of what bag their child should have. How much it should weigh so as not to distort the axis. Dr. Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  Says that the school bag should not be too big. Therefore, That is, it should not include more than two thirds of the back.

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