Symptoms of breast cancer

Symptoms of breast  the most common type of cancer. These types of cancer appear in the superficial part of the skin, and can be easily cured if detected in time. The most serious type of skin cancer is called malignant melanoma, which usually spreads. Ultraviolet rays (uv radiation) or excessive exposure to sunlight. Is one of the factors for the appearance of this type of cancer. Therefore, before you completely surrender to the sun, think about your health. The sun is the number 1 cause of skin cancer dr. Andrej petrov. Dermatovenerologist, explains that ultraviolet rays, or excessive exposure to sunlight. Is one of the factors for the appearance of this cancer.

How is skin cancer treated

Other causes for the appearance of this disease are.  The use of solariums, immunosuppression, damage To the immune system. Which protects the body Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data from bacteria or substances that cause an allergic reaction; exposure to high levels of radiation. As well as contact with some chemicals, such as arsenic. Hydrocarbons in tar, oils or smoke” – explains dr. Andrei petrov. Who are the persons at risk? According to dr. Andrej petrov. The following group of people are more at risk of developing skin cancer: people with very fair skin, especially those who often experience burns and spots. During the slightest exposure to the sun people who have light colored hair and hazel or green eyes.

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Regarding chemotherapy

People with genetic disorders that deplete the China Telegram Number pigment. Albinism or with xiroderma pigment people who have previously suffered from skin cancer people who have unusual and large birthmarks people who have or have had members in their family. Suffering from skin cancer people who have had at least one severe sunburn during their childhood. Or people with burns that are not related to sunlight people who work indoors and are exposed to the sun only when doing sports. Basal and squamous cell carcinomas are more common in older people, while melanoma is more common in younger people. Especially in the third and fourth decades.

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