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Questions and answers  its characteristic techniques, magnetic resonance differs from other diagnostic devices used in radiology, as it does not use radiological rays. Therefore, This device works on the principle of electromagnetic field. 2. Does it show side effects in patients? Due to the very fact that it works with a magnetic field, it does not cause any harmful effects on the patient and his health. 3. Is this diagnostic procedure safe for children and babies? It is absolutely safe for both child and infant registration. Due to the fact that children cannot sit still and not move. The registration is done under the influence of anesthesia. The radiology department at  is the only one in the region that has the complete apparatus for anesthesiological monitoring in strong electromagnetic field conditions.

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What diseases and conditions can be detected by magnetic resonance. Therefore, Magnetic resonance is primarily used for the diagnosis of changes and Japan WhatsApp Number Data diseases of the central nervous system and spinal cord. These include congenital and acquired changes. Brain and spinal cord metastases, and strokes and brain hemorrhages. Also, it is used for the diagnosis of all changes in muscles. Tendons and other parts of the musculoskeletal system. With the magnet method of cholangiography (cholangiography) the ways of the gallbladder can be seen. It is also a very useful method in diagnosing changes in the breast and in diagnosing the fetus. Can stroke be diagnosed early by magnetic resonance imaging.

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With some software techniques that the magnetic resonance device at “aciabdem sistina” has. Strokes can be diagnosed 1 to 2 hours after the onset of cerebral infarction. This makes it possible to start therapy in time. Thus reducing the Australia Telegram Number consequences. In cooperation with the department of cardiology and neurology. We have positive experiences with patients who have been diagnosed with cerebral infarction and immediately given thrombolysis treatment. The patients are well and without the characteristic consequences of a cerebral infarction. 6. Are there any restrictions on performing magnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic resonance is not recommended for pregnant women until the 16th week of pregnancy. As this is the period of the fetal development process (organogenesis).

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