Children can get dehydrated very easily at the beach

Pediatricians advise that children drink fluids before and after entering the water to swim. The best drink is water as it quenches thirst and fulfills the body’s fluid needs. Carbonated drinks and sugary juices can have the opposite effect. If the child does not accept natural water, try to give water with the taste of lemon, strawberry, or any other fruit. Helpful tips to avoid dehydration Read the most important steps that will not allow the level of liquids in the body to drop: Avoid the hottest period. Do not allow the child to be exposed to direct sunlight starting from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Be especially careful on humid days.

Give children fluids at regular intervals

Check the amount of fluids your child gets. Especially during days when the air humidity is high. During these days, the child sweats more. Thus losing more fluids and electrolytes. If the air humidity is too high. The best advice is that the child Korea WhatsApp Number Data does not stay outside for too long. Rest in the shade – sunshine is good, but it’s good to take children out of the sun every now and then and find fun for them in a shady spot. Take all their favorite toys. Make a sand tower, find a way for the child to relax. If you leave them to fend for themselves, they can spend all day playing in the sand or by the pool. Read on for some tips on how to prevent fluid loss during the summer holidays.

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Helpful tips to avoid dehydration

Water break – This action should become your routine, so the child will understand that he needs to rest and drink water from time to time. If you Brazil Telegram Number cannot teach the child in this way, then you are the ones who must ensure that the child gets enough fluids into the body. Mild signs of dehydration If the child complains of dizziness and nausea, if you notice a decrease in urination, dry mouth, these signs indicate that your child has lost fluids and that these fluids and electrolytes must be replaced. Prepare for the child soup, fruit juice or simply a glass of water with a little sugar/salt.

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