Solely due to marketing efforts

Priorities or perspectives. In both kinds of organizations marketing has a place and can be greatly aided by new technologies. Using AI to show marketing’s value Enter AI. How can a digital algorithm help marketing teams get long-overdue credit for their efforts? Let’s look at five ways AI might help get credit for your marketing efforts. Customer behavioral patterns Use AI or machine learning to extract from customer data

Buying patterns

Oatterns of returns or patterns of usage. This information is helpful when the business goals are to maintain or expand customer buying or usage. With marketing campaigns aimed at customers ready to upgrade or buy the next version of b2b leads your product marketing can be the primary source of revenue. With the help of AI marketing can identify the right customers at the right time and present special offers that can clearly be traced back to marketing efforts. Diversity of messaging Using customer data AI algorithms can be built that

Allow marketers

Tailor messaging to specific market segments. The right message can be available for the customer who logs into your website expresses interest via email or calls your call center. Algorithms can describe product offerings in  BS Leads various ways depending on the audience. Audience selection and messaging can generate customer interest that could turn into leads. Also AI algorithms can determine the best cadence for delivering these messages. Most marketers deliver email messages weekly monthly or during a particular event. But

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