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What if your data analysis shows that a specific delivery cadence generates the most response? For example your data may tell you that the best time to message a customer who is up for a support contract renewal is 60 days before expiration. Then using your AI expertise you can determine which customers follow the 60-day rule and which vary from it. Delivering messages to customers against their internal time frames generates additional revenue and customer satisfaction. Content development and delivery Nearly

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With or has used a generative AI tool like ChatGPT. These tools are great for generating bite-sized content that is most attractive to today’s buyers. AI tools can help you turn complex  business email list data into digestible insights that benefit your customers. For example suppose you are marketing services for arborists those guys who come around to trim your trees. Your data shows that the next two months are crucial for tree growth in your area. With the help of a generative AI application you develop three scenarios for trees in a specific market

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 The AI three paragraphs of general information regarding a specific time of the year September: 1. Evergreen Trees: It’s best to avoid significant pruning evergreen trees in September. Pruning can stimulate  BS Leads new growth which may not have time to harden off before winter making the tree vulnerable to frost damage. It’s usually better to prune evergreens in late winter or early spring. 2. Fruit Trees: If you have fruit trees September can be a good time for light pruning. This helps with fruit production air circulation and reduces

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