Should coronary angiography be done

Emergency Coronary Angiography Is Performed in Patients Therefore, Who Have Acute Syndrome and Signs of Acute Myocardial Infarction. There Are No Absolute Contraindications to Coronary Angiography. Therefore, Contraindications Include: Acute Renal Failure, Unexplained Febrile State, Acute Stroke, Severe Anemia, Severe Cardiac Decompensation. Acute Psychosis, Allergic Reaction to Contrast Material. Coagulopathy, and Gastric Bleeding. Preparation Coronary Angiography Is Performed Under Sterile Conditions in a Special Angiographic Room. After Preliminary Preparation. Taking a Blood Test, Preparing the Place Where the Puncture Will Be Done. Premedication. the Patient Is Placed Lying on His Back. and Covered with a Sterile Compress.

Coronary angiography

Puncture is usually done in the radial arm. Therefore, an the femoral part (bikini part), in the upper arm artery. In our department, 95% of coronary Belgium Phone Number Data angiography. Cases are performed through the radial artery in the arm, by which. The patient is offered more comfort during the intervention and mobilization. Immediately after the procedure.  Therefore, As well as fewer complications. During the intervention after injecting local anesthesia in the place where the puncture will be made. The artery is punctured by means of a needle through which a short wire is placed in the artery. The needle is removed and a plastic tube is placed on the short wire.which remains until the end of the procedure.

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The cardiology department

A long wire and catheter are passed through UK Phone Number List the tube. Therefore, Which are carried by the patient. Which are followed through the monitor and reach. The initial part of the aorta in which the openings of the two coronary arteries are located – the left and right coronary artery. With a few standard movements. The catheter is placed at the entrance of the coronary artery. And then the contrast material is injected. And in this way the artery is visualized with all its branches. In the form of an angiographic display on the monitor. Therefore, angiographic filming is done with multiple images from different angles. To get a clearer and more realistic picture of the coronary arteries.

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