Hypospadias congenital anomaly in the urogenital

Hypospadias is a congenital defect of the urogenital. Therefore, System in male children in which the opening of the urinary canal (urethra) develops abnormally. Which is located below the tip of the male sexual organ to the scrotum. Hypospadias are among the most common birth. Defects in male children (ranking second only to undescended testicles). With an incidence of 1 in 250 newborns (1 in 125 male children). The number of hippies is constantly increasing. Other accompanying abnormalities of the urogenital. System in 50-70% of cases. The top of the opening of the urinary canal is located in the lower part of the head of the penis and the glans penis and belongs to the category of distal of the urethra. And therefore circumcision before surgery is not recommended.

Complications and reoperations

Milder forms of hypospadias. Proximal Cambodia Phone Number Data forms appear in 20-30% of cases of hypospadias, where the tip of the urinary canal is located in the ngle (place of connection between the penis and the scrotum), even in the scrotum or below it. Although mild hypospadias are isolated cases, the more severe forms are accompanied by distortion or curvature of the penis or its rotation. As well as non-descension of the testicles, or are often accompanied by inguinal hernia. Therefore, Causes of hypospadias In most cases, the cause of this abnormality is unknown. Hormone treatment during pregnancy may increase the risk of of the urethra, and therefore circumcision before surgery is not recommended.

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In a small number of patients

Also, the inability of the testicles to secrete enough Vietnam Phone Number List testosterone (male hormone) during pregnancy, or the inability of the fetus’s body to respond to the testosterone produced, increases the risk of hypospadias. In some cases hypospadias is hereditary. There is also an increased risk of hypospadias in male children who. Have been fertilized by artificial insemination (IVF). This is thought to happen because the mother is overexposed to progesterone during the IVF procedure. Other hormonal changes associated with the occurrence of hypospadias are anti-myeloma hormone or damage to the axis between the pituitary and the testes. A small number of cases of reduced production or sensitivity of androgenic hormones.

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