Neuromonitoring for safe surgery

Any surgical intervention, especially the non-surgical one, is a dangerous intervention, because unwanted damage to the nerve structures can be caused. During the intervention, the surgeon cannot predict these injuries, since there is no clear overview of the operative field. Potential damage to neural structures is usually apparent after surgery or after the patient wakes up, when it is actually too late to make any kind of correction. To prevent these consequences by means of neuromonitoring, the parts that control vital functions and movements can be identified, and their damage during intervention can be prevented.

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How is it performed? Initially, the operation Brazil Phone Number Data plan is made. In consultation with the surgeon, which part of the nervous system will be operated on. Before the operation. Electrodes are placed in different places of the body, depending on the procedure to be performed. These electrodes are placed in order to send electrical impulses through the body. By which nerve pathways are followed. Who uses the data. The neurologist follows these signals released by neuromonitoring during the intervention. At the same time, it informs the surgeon on which side he should operate and warns. Him if there is nerve tissue near the operative field. Which controls the patient’s vital functions and mobility. To which surgical interventions is it applied.

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All brain and spinal cord operations

All operations in which there is a risk of damage to UAE Phone Number List nerve tissue are treated with neuromonitoring. More in neurosurgery, orthopedics, traumatology. Neurosurgery – treats head tumors, spinal tumors, nerve tumors, peripheral nerve injuries. Orthopedics – for the treatment of scoliosis, trauma and vertebral fractures. Thoracovascular surgery – in tumors of the thyroid gland, to be distinguished from the nerves of the vocal cords. Cardiac surgery – during major aortic surgeries, during which information is obtained about the blood supply to the spinal cord. Maxillofacial surgery – to avoid damage to the facial nerve Neuromonitoring at “Acibadem Sistina” The “Acibadem Sistina” clinical hospital is the only hospital.

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