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Of know to practise And if you are the friend of someone who suffers from anxiety, you might have felt helpless to know how you can help when they seem to disappear and withdraw. Maybe here is a place to start, with a simple message of truth, or love, or hope. Finally, a suggestion If you suffer with anxiety, on a day when you feel strong and your head is above water, try to tell a friend or two. Ask them if you could text them on bad days to remind yourself you are not alone. I have found it is much easier to text from the swirling pool if it is something I have pre-arranged.

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There is less second-guessing and thinking Russia Phone Number List you are a burden, if your friend has encouraged you to let them know when you are struggling. Hope these ideas are a help to you. May today surprise you with joy. Big love. Reproduced with permission, originally published here. Elli at The Hippo Chronicles offers an e-mail series on second meditation for when you are overwhelmed and Seven days of hope. Starting to heal again You can tell when you are starting to heal again when you put on a stone.

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Rediscover your former self again, no BS Leads longer give a shit what other people think of you, no longer feel like you are losing the plot, know your self worth, get seriously on top of your priorities and no longer secretly cry and break down every day for months on end. Back to the real world Welcome back to the real world Miss Miller. I have seriously missed you People need your help, empathy, love and support If you know someone who is suffering from mental health issues or any kind of stress or breakdown.

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