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Saves it to a local text file) only nes to be made once. If you ne to update the data, just delete the cache file. If not see: Documentation. Then read from format to format The result list (i.e. position) is obtain from the data and an output file (i.e. text file) is open. The function is run on each position one by one and the results (the output of as a line-separat string. It is recommend to open the output file in and copy and paste the contents into or in the table for viewing. In , prepare to add a batch of new surnames to.

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These surnames are drawn from Central Statistics Singapore Email List Office statistics relating to child registration in Ireland. These lists are filter to find surnames register under or more than in the current version of the database, which is bas on English surname forms mostly register with the Central Statistical Office, so research is necessary to find the correct Irish surname form. To this end, and Ó é publish aprovides a great help. In many cases, there are multiple English forms in Irish that refer to a surname.

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For example, and were found to be English BS Leads versions of the Irish surname Ó. Ó was already in the Gauss Surname Database, but other English forms have now been add. In other cases, an English form refers to a different Irish surname. The same is true for bird names. This English surname is what we use as a translation of some Irish surnames. This happens because of the sound similarity between the part name and the Irish noun é. Among these surnames are Ó É Ó É í and Ó. is a list of all these surnames in English in the new version of the database.

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