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Provide information on origin of AD or surnames. Therefore, in some cases, people who want to find out the correct Irish form of their surname ne to do additional research. If your English surname is , you can safely assume that the correct Irish form is . However, not all situations are black and white. For example, if your last name is , it may have a different origin. It may be a British or Irish surname, such as Ó or or Ó. to the birds mention above. Genealogical research is necessary to find the original Irish form of a surname like this.

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However, it is often not possible to solve the Slovakia Email List problem satisfactorily. The database includes surnames of Irish origin, such as Ó, or surnames of other language origin but Gaelic centuries before, such as Norman French. is a famous surname and we have many references to Irish forms of this name dating back centuries. In other cases, it is difficult to prove that the Irish form of the surname was in circulation before the century, but we can use certain tricks. For example, the place name í has ​​an Irish version í town from the surname í us in century.

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So there is evidence that the Irish version BS Leads of the surname was in use centuries before, so í was add to the surname database. Other examples of foreign surnames that have been add to the new version of the database are ú, in ó It is mention in Ó é and é gardens in Limerick where the name áí é é comes from the surname é. The root forms, alternative inflections, and accompanying English surnames for Irish surnames are given in the Irish Surname Database. Of particular complexity is the variation in gender and case of Irish surnames.

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