Probably One Of Those

Look wet I thought the ground water had come up a little and was simply. Draining under the house (“Hope it doesn’t cause damp.” I thought to myself. Arriving home, I enter my back porch, to be met by water. Water only an inch at the most fill my back porch. I look through my back kitchen window wondering if the water from the porch had got into my kitchen and saw little wet paw prints, gutt the water had got under the door. “Hope it hasn’t gone too far.

I would probably be

I thought to myself as I let myself in the back Albania Phone Number List door and stepp into my house.  Don’t think anything could of prepar me for what I saw next and as I stepp further in. The horror hit me, my house was flood, my living room was full of water! Things were floating, the electrics were sparking, and my poor little Button was scar and sheltering on my sofa. In those first few moments I can’t remember what I was thinking, but I know, I was in a panic and wasn’t breathing (well maybe a little) I was standing in water in my kitchen looking into a flood living room.

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Late the next day

My window was steam up and the BS Leads sound of the fizzing and crackling electrics was terrifying. I’m not sure when I start to cry, but as I rang my dad, I was sobbing. What’s wrong?”Have you call your Mum?” “I’m on the way. A few bits I remember from my conversation with my dad, as through tears and shock I tri to tell him what was wrong. This was follow was a similar conversation with my mum. As I wait for help, I phon my work, as it was ten to five and I could let them know.

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