As If Taken Over By

I said, ordering to the right of where Josh was sitting Nod. We don’t have any more steaks, sorry, the waitress looks apologetic. Fine, I’ll just have fish and chips. I’m afraid we don’t have either. I’m starting to get annoy, so what do you have? Do we have sandwiches? The waitress repli. Ham or cheese? Cheese is fine, I mutter. order and left. Everyone seem to get what they want today except me. Just my annoyance Not long after, our food came. Everyone loves their meals, mine are simple and just keep me full.

He return trip was

I star out the window and realiz it was starting Dominica Email List to rain. Great, we’re going to get wet on the way home, I complain. What do you mean? Jack ask. It’s pouring rain outside. The friend next to him look out the window, but rais his eyebrows in puzzlement. It was sunny outside, Josh argu. Adam, you must have seen something, suggest Bill, who was sitting across from me. Again, it’s just my annoyance, undetectable to others. The rain is mine, the storm is mine, the tsunami is mine. No one has to endure bad weather except me. After dinner, we went home. The rain was getting heavier, and only I was getting wet.

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The emptiness grows inside

No matter how violent the drops BS Leads around us were, the friends next to me were still as dry as the sand on the shore. This made me more and more frustrat. It seem the weather sens and reflect my thoughts and feelings as the clouds grew angrier and lightning streak across the sky. The tsunami is coming again. to happen, but I don’t want to suddenly leave my mates. They were very suspicious of my reactions and actions. I just hope that the chaos will wait until I get to my house before unleashing the havoc.

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