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Obviously this wasn’t the most standout part of the events, or the most difficult to deal with. But let me just tell you, having an ugly crying face is one thing. Having an ugly crying face AND no eyebrows.. that was a whole other kettle of crap. Suicide is heartbreaking for the ones left behind. Unfortunately, in my short (but really realllllly long) years, I’ve lost two very much lov people to suicide. Within a really short space of time. My stepdad pass away in , and my ex boyfriend and friend did the same the year after. Everyone grieves in their own way.

Could I have done more

When something like this happens, everyone Morocco Phone Number List affect by the event reacts in different ways. For me, both times, I had to get out of my house and go and be with friends and talk about nothingness. I could not even begin to sort out the thoughts in my head to be able to process anything. There is literally not a single “right” way to deal with this sort of thing. Everyone is totally different. Some will cry immiately for hours, days, weeks even. Others will do their grieving silently.

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How did it get to this

Nowadays, more and more people are BS Leads taking to social mia like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to voice their grief – and that is absolutely fine. People tend to be quite critical of this, as if it’s a cry for attention. But from being the “status writing person”, it’s not that at all. It is a way in our modern world of technology to vent and let out exactly what we’re feeling, sometimes in hope of support and kind words from those around us, other times just to get the words rattling around their thoughts, out of their head. Questions in the minds of the ones left behind Everyone has the same thing in common though.

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