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Able to  to provide support, to be his cheerleader and anchor and anything he ne. In the beginning I don’t think I did a good job, although I am trying harder now. Our lives were very busy, we had a new baby, he was job hunting and we were moving house. Sometimes I let myself forget what he was going through and fail to make allowances for that.If he had had a visible illness there was no way I would have forgotten how he was feeling, but short of making sufferers wear a small badge, mental illness is invisible and because I couldn’t see it, I sometimes forgot about it.

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No one can see the demons other people are Macedonia Phone Number List fighting but what we can do, the least we can do, is remember that those demons are there. Tom told me that when those demons show up, what he ne wasn’t lots of smothering attention but the time and space to heal. To start with I found this difficult because I want to feel that I, personally, was doing something active to help. Once I stepp back I realis that imposing what I would want on him if the situation was revers was counter-productive.

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Tom had told me what he ne, all I had to do BS Leads was listen and remember. The best way I know to support our lov ones is to ask what they ne and provide it without comment, judgement or expectation. One of the harder things for me to realise (I can be a bit slow) was that Tom’s illness was nothing to do with me. He has to fight it on his own but that doesn’t mean he is alone. I am here waiting when he nes me, even if.

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