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On the radio as Who had train abroad, as in Italy this skill was not provid in structur academic or professional courses, but the rest of the company scene reli on marketing experts (almost always with economic training) who they reinvent themselves in a new profession which no longer only requir management skills, but also communication skills. What I define as do-it-yourself web marketing began. This creat numerous problems for companies which plac even large budgets in the hands of inexperienc people without achieving real results.

Fortunately today the panorama

Has chang and companies only seo expate bd choose true professionals to entrust their online presence to. Today, to become a Web Marketing Manager it is not enough to know how to do things, but you ne theory. For a young person who wants to enter this field, the suggestion is to follow structur university courses, while for those who have already been working for several years it is to stay up to date by participating in major events on the web, reading thematic books, participating to webinars and online courses deliver by certifi professionals.

The market has further

Specializ and, if only years ago the figure of the Web BS Leads Marketing Manager had to juggle multiple skills, today it has clearly become sectorialis, also including digital strategist skills. In fact, today the profession of web marketing manager & digital strategist is divid into very limit areas in which one can specialize and become: copywriter, lead generator, inbound marketer, growth hacker, social mia manager, big data analyst, chief technology officer, community manager, customer relationship manager, digital advertising manager, digital Brand & corporate manager, digital communication manager, digital strategic planner, digital sound designer, e-commerce manager, itor and account manager, interaction designer, marketing research manager, mia planning manager, on -line & creative project manager.

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