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Not trying to seek validation through ‘covert’ means that are actually incribly fucking obvious. My own view of myself is heavily bas on what others think of me, so I want approval for my behavior. If I do something that I think someone won’t approve of – even if it’s a reasonable and adult decision – I will keep it from them, lest they disapprove and Well, I can’t finish that sentence, because I don’t know what would happen if they disapprov. Probably nothing. Better not risk it, though, eh? The All Or Nothing Bitch This isn’t too dissimilar from black and white thinking that I wrote about ages ago.

My primary motivation is to

In terms of my behavior, though, in order for me Algeria WhatsApp Number List to be consider in any way competent at anything I must succe immiately. I don’t do well at trying or getting better. iam in A random example; as a teenager, when I start going to pubs a lot of my friends were blokes. Sometimes this would involve an absolute snore fest of pool matches inevitably descending into wgies and other such mature behavior. I’d be lying if I said that isn’t exactly what would happen if we did it now, in fairness. Regardless, I was gung-ho enough to give pool a try and was suitably awful at it I mean terrible.

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Theres no in between

Truly Instead of, you know, trying again BS Leads or whatever, I laid down that cue and never pick another one up again. Nope. Not a chance. I wasn’t good at it, so instead of embarrassing myself by trying again, I just gave up and mov on. That’s the first example that popp into my head, but it can be appli to a lot of things. I’ve stuck at some pursuits, particularly in the work place. It’s a little more difficult to flounce out of a job claiming ineptitude when you’re getting paid and people are depending on you.

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