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Thoughts emotions feelings and personality. the answer towhat does dissociation (in DID) feel like? Dissociation can cause physical, emotional and mental symptoms that can be very hard to deal with. Physical symptoms: Nausea, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, odd cravings, lossincrease of appetite. Light-head feeling, fainting, blackouts, non-epileptic seizures, numbness, pins and neles. Loss of control over body parts, shaking and even pain in areas of the body for no apparent reason. Emotional symptoms: Being detach form emotions, crying or laughing for no reason, mood swings, numbness, unable to deal with emotions.

It can feel like you are

Derealisation, denationalisation, feeling Argentina WhatsApp Number List trapp, experiencing emotions that “don’t belong to you”, overly stress and paranoia. Mental symptoms: Depression, anxiety, developing eating disorders, addiction, self harm, amnesia, somatisation disorders. Flashbacks, memory issues, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, no thoughts at all. Shifts in mood, switches between alters, thoughts and emotions become blurry. Forgetting personal information, identity confusion and hearing voices. These areas of systems mix together are not pleasant and can drastically effect how someone functions daily. Another way to think about this is imagine that you are drunk, concuss, drugg and sick all at the same time. Not all systems have these symptoms but will definitely have a few from each category.

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Slowly drifting off to sleep

When I get dissociat I typically have the BS Leads worst headache, feel dizzy, have short black out moments, fatigue. I also experience mood swings, depersonalisation, derealisation, amnesia, hallucinations, identity confusion. I’ll often switch when these thing happen. Dissociation can feel like you are watching yourself from an external point of view and therefore the body and identity is not yours. It can feel like the world around you isn’t real and you don’t belong there. Dissociation could also feel like the world around you is too big or too small depending on which alter is experiencing the dissociation.

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