At Being Upfront About It

A given situation though, is that I’munlikely way as me. A case in point is the ever-suffering Mr Ses. I relentlessly nele him to ‘tell me what’s wrong’ because I’ve gone full Lindsay and assum he’s thinking or feeling a certain way about something he probably isn’t even thinking about at all. The real cherry on the top of that shitpile is my endless prodding actually then makes him anxious and feel as though he’s doing something wrong. Oh, look! My inability to cope with anything affects other people, too! Who knew? In the spirit of fairness, this ludicrous habit does allow me a degree of empathy.

If Im anxious or unsure

When someone is feeling something it doesn’t take Albania WhatsApp Number List much for me to understand why they might feel that way, for the most part. For the remainder of the part, though, I’ll struggle to empathise at all because it isn’t precisely how I’d react. Perfect. Contradiction, thy name is Lindsay’s Anxiety. The Seeker No, I’m not deluding myself into thinking I’m a character in Harry Potter. Although if I was I certainly wouldn’t be on the Quidditch team owing to my inherent laziness and prior poor form in athletic endeavors. What I actually mean by this is I’m usually seeking reassurance or validation at the heart of pretty much anything I do.

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About something im better

In particular, though, if I interpret (or invent) that something might be even slightly wrong with someone, I will relentlessly worry about BS Leads how it must be my fault, and if I can, seek assurance that it’s not. In a similar way to the projection, I’ll nele away at someone. Desperate to be told that I haven’t done anything wrong and successfully making their problems all about me. I’m getting a little better at handling it.

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