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Something is wrong son of a bitch, let me tell you. A significant portion of my mental health problems could probably be resolv if this wall was knock down and set fire to. What do I mean by ‘the wall’? Well, as a useful (not) coping mechanism from the ups and downs of life, I’ve built a wall that effectively shields me from strong emotions. I detach myself from the realities of actually feeling things a long, long time ago. The wall is sturdy. I’ve discuss it with my therapist, but what really got me recently was when a friend comment on it, even referring to it as a wall.

What I repeatly fail to acknowlge

Call me an idiot, but I assum nobody else Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List would have notic. They do, though. When you’ve known someone for a while, it probably becomes pretty fucking obvious that they never actually share anything with you. To the casual observer it may seem as though I am merely coping, processing things quietly, getting on with it. I’m not. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available  For those who know me a little better, I expect the link between my shaky.

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At best mental health and my complete BS Leads inability to feel or share anything has been establish and quietly not. Even with prompting, though, it’s unlikely I’ll give anything away. It’s safer to hide. The wall even goes for positive emotions – yes, this might be good, but don’t let it feel too good because EVERYTHING ENDS, and then I’ll be sad! The Projector When I mention this classic bad boy to my therapist he told me it wasn’t actually projection. In true form I’ve forgotten what it was he said instead. Regardless of its clinical name, I will readily and enthusiastically assume that someone else is feeling the same way as me, or that they are feeling how I would feel.

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