Thats An Act Of Aggression

I’m a good guy!’ Wrong. Sorry, my guy, but you don’t get awomen. Nor do you get a prize or any recognition for being nice to a woman. It’s just normal human behaviour. Stop expecting rewards for things the rest of us do without question. “But I’m a nice guy!” You ever hear of the ‘friend zone’? It’s where men (typically, but not exclusively) say they end up when they try to woo a woman but she isn’t interest. Instead, they are relegat to being merely friends.

Have you ever pursu a woman

Quite why a woman would want to remain Lithuania WhatsApp Number List friends with a man whose sole interest until that point was to sexually pursue her I don’t know, but never mind. Your reward for being a decent human being is not a woman. We are not prizes for you to earn by displaying good behaviour. Either we like you or we don’t. The friend zone does admittly work both ways, but I think what we all ne to remember is that it is perfectly legitimate not to want to sleep with someone just because you get on or they’re nice to you. iam in I was ‘friend zon’ when I was eighteen.

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Just a little too hard

Do you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t leap BS Leads onto Facebook, Instagram, or Rdit to complain about how nice I was to this person only for them to cruelly reject me. I dust myself off, actually remain friends with that person, and went about my life. The end. That’s all that ne to happen. It comes from a different place Further, women ‘friend zoning’ men might come from a different place: fear. Maybe we want to let you down gently because we’re scar of what you’ll do if we flat out reject you. Dependent on our relationship to you, declining romantic interests can be difficult. I mean, even strangers on the internet or at a bar can’t take a hint.

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