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Of women and % of e experienc sexual assault. to be assault by a partner or ex-partner than anyone else. The way we go on about it, you’d think it was %, wouldn’t you? The experiences of those women and men, however, ripple through us all. We don’t share their individual pain, but we do share that common wariness, the inherent distrust. The nuance of experience The figures above notably don’t include children, nor does it identify the most common perpetrator. Anecdotally, though, as I’m sure you might realise, the answer is men.

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Again I’m not saying that people who Lebanon WhatsApp Number List aren’t men aren’t capable of terrible things; they are. You can (and should, when context allows) argue as much as you like about male victims of assault and domestic violence, but the figures speak for themselves. a woman will be the victim and a man the perpetrator. Another handy hint here is, when you jump into a conversation about assaults on women with ‘But it happens to men, too!’ you’re actually decentering the argument from women and focusing it back onto men. I’ve never engag in a conversation where anyone has tri to deny that male victims exist.

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The conversation is usually representative BS Leads of the innate and ongoing fear that women have of men, which I’m sorry to say, you don’t have of each other nor of women. To reiterate: Male victims are important, and chronically unheard. It’s great that so many of you seem to understand that, so why don’t you understand it when we talk about it? Is it because it happens to us so much we’re just suppos to, what, get us to it? Aggression towards women doesn’t always come in the form of physical or sexual assault, either. That might be a bit of a mind-blower for you.

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