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For all women’ Okay, so we don’t visibly quake or burst into tears at the mere sight of a man. I refuse to accept, though, that there are women out there who have never consider the consistent and significant threat that men pose to our very existence. I don’t buy that some women aren’t scar, or have never been. When we worry about someone breaking into our houses as we sleep, what does that perpetrator look like? If we’re scar of walking alone at night, why is that? Who are we scar of? Maybe some people haven’t join the dots, but I stand by my assumption that as women.

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Men have us on our guard even if we Latvia WhatsApp Number List don’t realise it. Someone, in response, ask if it was more to do with the uncertainty, the threat, but not knowing exactly who the threat was. That’s a great way to frame it. We might not be scar of every man we meet, but we know that there’s a threat, We just don’t know where it’s coming from. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available Thinking on that, then, don’t take it personally when a woman calls you out for something.

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Listen to her, and remember to do better in BS Leads future. Whether you’ve ever directly violat a woman’s space or not, your passivity is part of the problem. Why is it always us telling you to behave? Why aren’t you saying it to each other? Consistent and present danger An example of the consistent and present danger of which we’re aware that you may not be: in the year ending March , . % of women and . % of men ag to in the UK were thought to have experienc sexual assault in that time. Overall it’s estimat that.

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