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Of James Joyce I was a student at the polytechnic in Brighton, as it was then before that institution became a university. It was during the holidays, my mental reserves were running low and I was lonely and finding things tough. God-spoke-to-you-by-so-many-voices-pin – ‘God spoke to you by so many voices.’ Was a breakthrough for me, and I like to share this with others if they are interest. That line was a boost and I felt a huge relief that a writer, especially a really famous one like James Joyce, should mention voices.

For example there is the novel

I was really struggling and I am grateful, but Kuwait WhatsApp Number List am I grateful enough I wonder? The line help me tremendously. But then I just return to my studies of drugs on the pharmacy course, which could not be further from a spiritual subject in many ways. Shahaja mitation For many years I had struggl with the idea of inner telepathic voices and the state of mind that Sahaja Yoga mitation involves. The line went out on BBC Radio on February in the adaptation of the novel for Book at Btime. The date is easy for me to remember because it is the anniversary of the passing from this mortal world of Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, the guru of Sahaja Yoga.

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The chrysalids by john wyndham

The line helps with ‘Collective BS Leads Consciousness’ as it is call in Sahaja Yoga. We believe in ‘vibrations’ and in chakras and an internal life. Do watch the video The Vision on YouTube, which is about minutes long. It is a great introductory documentary. You will probably know a lot more about Sahaja Yoga than many Sahaja Yogis who have not seen this video. Higher level of mental awareness There are other things that can help with this higher level of mental awareness.

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