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Simply put, I don’t care! I do risky things, self harm, starve myself. I just couldn’t care less. It’s such a big part of depression to me that ‘zoning out’ feeling. The invisible bubble I have describ it to my best friend and husband as being in an invisible bubble. I’m still physically there with everyone, doing the same things, in the same places but mentally and emotionally this bubble muffles it all. I’m void of feeling. I hear the noise and know things are happening and going on all around me but I can’t pinpoint exactly what they are saying. My mind is somewhere else entirely.

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Where? I have no idea. It’s funny as well, how Kenya WhatsApp Number List people fail to notice this. I guess for me I do notice when someone is not quite present and I will ask questions, gently of course, but with me no one ever notices. Do they not care? Do they not look hard enough? Or is it simply that I am so good at hiding it all after odd years that it’s almost impossible to see? I don’t know. I have worn a mask for so long know even I forget when it is on at times.

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How depression feels to me is a dark, empty, lonely hole. A nothing. I wish it was understood a bit more as I know many other people who BS Leads experience this numbness, but I guess that’s why I (and many others) continue to write and talk about it. To lessen to judgement and stigma and to let other know the signs and learn how to help. Remember to always be kind, you never know what battles people might be facing.God spoke to you by so many voices but you would not hear’ is a line that has really help me.

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