Including What Happens To Me

Answer that “I don’t know!” Because I really don’t. I am not happy, not sad, not even mad it’s nothing! I know this comes across as strange answer, maybe even a bit annoying to some that’s why majority of the time I revert to the fail safe – “I’m fine thanks” It’s just easier. Trying to explain this numbness is exhausting. I’m scanning my brain desperately trying to grasp at something to explain this numbness but there’s nothing there to grasp. Just numbness. Coldness. Darkness. How do I even begin to explain that.

The intense numbness prevents me

Being in effect me so much I’ll often isolate Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List myself,all plans and avoid answering calls, texts and my front door! I feel awful for doing this and it definitely makes the depression worse but at the time I’m so consum by it I can’t even think about it. I am someone that always remembers things, birthdays, friends appointments, school dates for my son, yes I have the odd moment I forget but generally I am very good at keeping organis and on top of things. However, when I have reach that feeling of numbness I will forget everything.

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From caring about most things

I will forget what someone might have BS Leads just told me the second they finish their sentence. I also forget things that I am saying halfway through a sentence and will answer a question forgetting instantly what the question was and even what I have answer! It feels like my mind is fill with a dense black fog preventing me from accessing anything I ne too. Another way the numbness effects me, in a really scary way is that I stop caring. I am someone that is always early – ALWAYS! But this completely changes for me and I am late a lot of the time but what’s worse is I couldn’t care less about it.

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