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Devastating lonely experience accessible format – very short chapters – l page, lists, lots of aspects covered. Great titles too for some of these chapters: ‘In Praise Of Thin Skin’. How time is so important and how to work with time, mindfulness, the love of his Andrea and others. It is a very personal book and yet at the same time full of universally applicable truths, painfully learned. Obviously he survived his ‘hurricane’ and is reporting back from the front line. He lists things that now make him worse – lack of sleep, feeling ignored, advertising, sitting for too long etc.

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Also things that make him better – running, sleep, summer, music, being with people he loves, mindfulness etc. Reasons to stay alive His Switzerland Phone Number List second to last chapter ‘How To Live – Pieces Of Advice’, lists: Appreciate happiness when it is there, Sip don’t gulp, Be gentle with yourself, Be kind, Don’t watch TV mindlessly, in the morning is never a good time to sort out your life, Trees, Be brave, Be strong and keep going, Read. And then lastly – ‘Things I Have Enjoyed Since I Thought I Would Never Enjoy ANYTHING Again.

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Itold you some chapters had great BS Leads headings!!!) Seas, Rivers, Pub Meals, Watching his son being born, Country music, Christmas trees, Laughing, Talking to friends, Talking to strangers, Writing his book. A very moving chapter for all who have been to a place where life seemed to be over and hopeless. Add your own and feel grateful and happy. A practical, easy to read book that is thoughtful and real Thanks Matt – I am sure you really wanted to write ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’. You have done an eloquent job of describing what it felt like, how you can recover and grow from these experiences, and your lessons learned.

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