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Big brown eyes, and, funnily enough, in pretty frocks – which look adorable on him. Pretty? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Absolutely. But people never use these words to describe him. Funny, Polite, Intelligent “He’s so funny! What a develop sense of humour he has!” “He is so polite!” “He is a very intelligent little boy!” Funny. Polite. Intelligent. Unlike my niece, I could count on one hand the number of times my nephew’s appearance has been the attribute most prais. The qualities most valu in him are his fundamental personality traits. The strengths in his character.

I had an episode of self harming

A I like most people, am guilty of being party to reinforcing this gender divide. I too, make these off-the-cuff comments to the girls and women in my Romania Phone Number List life. And, as a woman, I have experienc it myself. I am confident in one thing about myself. Just one. I am intelligent. And I like to tell myself that I use that strength in a positive way. But this strength that I have identifi in myself is not a valu trait by many others. I have too many ‘opinions’. When I believe people are being wrong, I voice it too loudly. I ne to be quiet. Instead of this strength being fram positively.

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When I was in hospital receiving

I have more often heard that I BS Leads am ‘opinionat’. I am ‘argumentative’.  am ‘hard-head’. Opinionat, Argumentative, Hard-head. I have not been left feeling prais, instead feeling unattractive, out-of-place, feeling like I do not fit in the hole shap for me by the society in which I live. I question what it is about me that makes me so undesirable. in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available £ . GBP amazon_link asins ‘ ‘ template ‘ProductGrid.

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