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So, recycled spam traps aren’t as serious as pristine spam traps. But they can still hurt email deliverability. If you continue sending emails to a recycled spam trap, this could eventually get you added to a blocklist or cause your emails to land in the junk folder. Plus, if those old email addresses predate GDPR, you could be fined for failing to obtain consent. 3. Typo spam traps The least offensive spam trap involves common spelling errors and typos in an email address. For example, maybe a user typed in when subscribing to your newsletter. Or maybe someone jotted down their contact info at a convention or point of sale and it was tough to read their handwriting.

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Typo traps may not impact deliverability immediately, but if you don’t clean them up, your bounce rate will increase which will eventually cause problems. The best way to avoid spam traps is to verify email addresses upon collection, which is a standard feature of Inbox Ready’s deliverability suite. You can also try bulk verifications for a large group of contacts to help clean your email list. Spam complaints and unsubscribe rates Back in the early 2000s, AOL became the first mailbox provider to give recipients the opportunity to mark emails as spam. Today, the report spam feature is part of every email inbox, and it’s what makes up the complaint rate metric.


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A complaint rate that’s under 0.1% is considered acceptable. The industry standard, however, is to have fewer than 0.02% of your messages marked as spam. That is pretty minuscule. Sometimes recipients mark legitimate emails as spam. They may simply be tired of hearing from you. Maybe you’ve been emailing them a bit too much and they want to unsubscribe. For that reason, make sure there’s an easy and obvious way to let subscribers opt-out of your emails. Losing a few subscribers is way better than a high spam complaint rate (especially when you’re not really spamming.

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