Make customer testimonials part of a loyalty program

You could also include a testimonial that a customer has already given in your post. Just for extra encouragement. And be sure to follow the basic rules of facebook post optimization. Such as adding brand graphics (this could include the testimonial words we just talk about). Posting at the best time for your audience. And responding to post comments to increase engagement and reach. 6. Add ways to write a customer testimonial to your website we’ve talk about simplifying the process for your customers to give testimonials.

Make sure you give them a way to click out

And this is another way to do it that attracts people Asia email list already to your website. It’s a great strategy to snatch opinions from some of those repeat customers. One strategy is to add a popup asking your customer if they want to leave a testimonial. Make sure you give them a way to click out of the popup if they prefer. If they click yes. Send them to a submission page to write their testimonial directly on the website. With sharethis’ popup builder .

Make collecting testimonials part

asia email list

You can create an effective popup in minutes – no  BS Leads design skills requir. You could also simply give site visitors a quick submission form to write a testimonial before they leave. You’ll see this mostly on product pages. Right where other reviews appear below the product information. 7. Make customer testimonials part of a loyalty program plain and simple: most people are more likely to do something if there is a reward. Make collecting testimonials part of your customer loyalty program to encourage more reviews.

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