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The significant increase in usury, that is not seasonal, but with. Deep structural roots of the national economy as well as inappropriate fiscal, financial and economic policies in most of them”.Read: Fine if you don’t pay the insurance. Confindustria demands that the law not be approv According to the Confindustria, some negative developments have occurr in recent years that have further worsen the situation, such as: allowing the immiate increase of the country’s public debt by almost % of GDP as a result of borrowing over . Billion euros in – years in continuation of the agreement not accompani by a clear program of structural economic reforms, is the direct responsibility of the IMF.

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Also the lack of clarity in the direction UAE Phone Number List of budget expenditures, the increase in the fiscal burden, the sudden and unstudi transition from the “flat” to proportional tax policy, the increase in taxes for fuel and energy, the extreme deepening of concessionary policies without competition and PPP, frequent changes of fiscal policies for business in general and small business in particular, BUSINESS PULSE Updat on: Anerola Torollari ~ minutes of reading IIT, Chicago-Kent College of Law – School of Law in the USA together with the School of American Law announce two relat programs with % and % guarante scholarships for lawyers from Albania.

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Program at the School of American BS Leads Law in Athens, Greece and beyond One semester LL.M master program in Chicago, IL, USA . The SAL program covers two semesters in Athens, Greece : September – December (first semester) and January – May (second semester). The two semesters include ten compulsory courses conduct in English and taught only by Chicago-Kent professors from the USA and Great Britain.Even in this case, rewards of up to , euros are offer for the best ideas.The program enables young people to create connections and new societies, find a partner for their business or form a team.

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